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  • I asked Ezra for help selling my practice. The final result was a better deal, and one that protected my interests more securely. He’s the best healthcare attorney I’ve ever used.

    Peter Lydon, MD
  • Ezra immediately understood my goals, preferences, and skills and he redrafted the entire contract so that it was tailored to my advantage.

    Pablo Gomez III, MD
  • For any medical professional considering whether to sign a contract with a hospital, clinic, or practice group, I strongly advise you to contact Ezra for help.

    Joshua Garren, MD
  • Working with Ezra was a real pleasure…. Ezra found a way to get the hospital to change the contract to resolve some of the greatest problems.

    Manisha Sharma, MD
  • I thought my busy schedule would make it impossible for me to meet with a lawyer. But Ezra made it possible. He was committed to helping me, on my terms, on my schedule.

    Elena Eberle, MD
  • I was lucky to have found Ezra when I really needed help, and I would not hesitate to retain his services again if needed.

    Alexander Yu, MD
  • We were finally looking to sell the company. Ezra came up with creative possibilities we hadn’t thought of. He was efficient, focused, friendly, and very easy to work with.

    Sharon Smith
  • Ezra sealed a great severance deal for me through his respectful communication and negotiation skills…. Ezra is a trustworthy attorney who will have your interest in mind at all times. I recommend him highly!

    Madeline Colon-Usowicz, MD
  • Ezra is a truly dedicated professional…. His knowledge of all aspects of physician employment impressed me.

    Minhal Alhashim, MD
  • I recommend Ezra for any physician who is either pursuing employment or having employment issues.

    Svetlana Budman, MD
  • Ezra was always prompt and detailed with his replies and even visited my workplace to review the contract…. I hope I won’t have to do this again for some time, but if I do I know who to call.

    M. Shabani, MD
  • I came to Ezra with a particular set of needs and a complicated contract…. Thanks to his work, I got a contract tailored to my situation, plus a significant increase in compensation. I can’t imagine a better lawyer for doctors.

    Roderick McCoy, MD
  • Ezra was extremely helpful in helping me understand the legal language of the contract which for a new graduate can be a daunting task. He is courteous, friendly, and most important, a thorough professional in his work.

    Gaurav Bhatia, MD
  • Attention to detail, prompt work, and breadth of knowledge…. We were able to get a better contract drafted with his assistance.

    Anju T. Nayar, MD
  • I had a wonderful experience with Ezra. He was very attentive, patient, and willing to put in time and energy to help me with my contract.

    Danielle Shaper, DPM
  • His analytical skills are second to none.

    Peter Szechenyi, Esq.

What we do.

The Lawyer For Doctors. Greater Boston healthcare attorney for physicians, medical professionals, and the healthcare community. Physician contract review and negotiation, compliance with fraud and abuse laws, practice formation and sales, and much more.

The Lawyer For Startups. Independent general counsel to startups and small businesses in tech, mobile software, and medical devices. Corporate formation, co-founder negotiations, capital raises, vendor contracts, and all manner of strategic planning. 

Ezra Reinstein. Efficient. Experienced. Trustworthy. Responsive. Friendly.

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Boston Healthcare and Physician Contract Lawyer

A message from Ezra Reinstein – Your Boston Healthcare Lawyer

Welcome to The Reinstein Law Firm. As a healthcare attorney, I’m dedicated to helping medical professionals advance their careers, build and expand private practices, comply with HIPAA, Stark, etc., negotiate hospital contracts, and deal with all sorts of legal issues that arise. As a lawyer for startups, I love to help small businesses grow, expand, and thrive.

I often receive calls from people who have some fears about hiring an attorney. Usually, they’re in the early stages of negotiating some sort of business relationship, and they think they might need a lawyer’s advice, but they’re worried that the very act of hiring a lawyer is going to irritate, or offend, or even anger the other side.

Does that describe you? Please give me a minute to try to set your mind at ease.

Let’s say you’re a medical professional. Maybe you’re planning to form a private practice in Newton, or sell your practice on the North Shore, or affiliate with a national pathology laboratory. Maybe you’re considering a job offer from a hospital in New York, or a clinic in Burlington, or a biotech company in Cambridge.

Or maybe you’re the founder of a new business, and you’re trying to navigate the difficult relationship between startup co-founders. Or you run a small business and you’re trying to raise capital, hire employees, or engage a web developer.

No matter who you are, the fact is that pretty much no one – from the newly graduated resident to the most senior medical eminence, from the first-time startup founder to the seasoned businessperson – is truly comfortable negotiating for themselves. Important contracts involve difficult issues that can’t be ignored. Compensation. Termination. Non-competes. Schedule control. The detailed legal mechanics that define the rights and obligations of the contract. These are tough issues. They have to be carefully reviewed and discussed.

Are you comfortable talking these things through with your potential new partner? Your new boss? Do you feel that you’ll be able to protect your interests?

It gets worse.

If you’re a medical professional, you’ve probably noticed the increasing corporatization of medicine. For better or for worse, the era of the handshake agreement is receding into the past. The people with whom you deal on the business side of your practice – the hospitals, clinics, employees, labs, and vendors – have their own lawyers.

If you’re a startup founder or business owner, this applies equally. The offer letters, term sheets, and contracts that you receive were drafted by lawyers. Lawyers who are professionally obligated to represent their clients’ best interests. Not yours.

That’s why it’s wise to hire an attorney of your own. (Surprising that an attorney would recommend hiring an attorney, right?) Someone to help you understand the risks, illuminate the pitfalls, and protect your interests.

Even though you might agree that you’d be wise to do so, you might still be worried about the signal that you’re sending the other side by hiring an attorney. Will it seem hostile? Will they get mad at you?

Here’s a useful way of looking at the situation. The transaction that you’re considering is important, and the arrangement is complex. Hiring an attorney to help with a negotiation is a clear signal to the other side that you are taking things seriously. That’s good! You’re demonstrating that you’re invested in the process and that you’re committed to reaching an agreement that is fair to both sides.

And if your lawyer is respectful, prepared, friendly, knowledgeable, smart, efficient, and creative, you can achieve some pretty great results.

I work hard to be that lawyer.

If you think you might need an attorney, let’s talk. We can discuss your situation, your concerns, and how we might work together to achieve the best possible result for you. Give me a call or send me an email. I’ll be delighted to hear from you.


The lawyer for doctors. The lawyer for startups. The lawyer you want in your corner.

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